Museum Favorites
Full Size Railroad Equipment Favorites
While each piece in the Museum's locomotive collection adds to the knowledge and appreciation of railroad history, certain engines are considered to be special, indeed. This may be because of their age, rarity, size, design, shiny restored appearance, or their association with an especially well known railroad, such as the Virginia & Truckee. For whatever reason, these locomotives are particular favorites with railroad aficionados and the visiting public.


Rolling Stock Favorites

Whether it is a short wooden caboose bringing up the rear of a narrow-gauge Pacific Coast Railway freight train high above the Museum's Roundhouse gallery, or a gently rocking sleeping car "rolling" through the night, the rolling stock on exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum offers unmatched views of railroading. State of the art restoration, along with the interpretation that places the cars in their historical and social context, makes these particular pieces of equipment favorites with the visiting public.