Journey Stories Exhibit

RR_Journey_Stores_Families_Waving_Goodbye_A Smithsonian traveling exhibition titled, "Journey Stories" will debut on June 21, 2014.  This exhibit highlights how transportation and migration helped to build the United States, how it has changed us as a nation, and how our mobile world looked to travelers along the way.  The exhibit also demonstrates our collective personal heritage and how everyone has an interesting story to tell.

The Museum will also be showcasing 12 original railroad travel posters from our own collection. You will get to see how transportation history is more than just trains, boats, buses, cars, wagons, and trucks.  You will learn how the development of transportation technology was largely inspired by the human drive for freedom.  

The "Journey Stories" exhibit will be on display for 3 months in the Cab Forward corridor. After leaving the Museum, it will travel to six other museums throughout California.