Lights, Camera, Action! Special Trains & Tripods Photo Opportunity & Lighting Seminar



 Friday and Saturday, May 6 & 7

For decades, capturing powerful locomotive images has been a favorite pastime for photographers.  And now, the California State Railroad Museum is proud to host "Trains & Tripods," a two-part program that includes an optional seminar on shooting existing light photography in museums and a photographers-only photo session inside the visually enticing Museum before it opens to the public for the day. Interested amateur photographers can choose to attend one or both of the activities. Conducted by former Sacramento Bee photographer and Canon USA Live Learning instructor Dave Henry, the fast-paced and information-packed museum photography seminar is scheduled for 5:30pm on Friday evening, while the "bring your own tripod" photography opportunity is scheduled for 7:00am on Saturday morning.

This two-part special "Trains & Tripods" program is designed for amateur photographers interested in understanding more about lighting techniques and also taking advantage of a rare opportunity to photograph amazing locomotives in a closed and controlled environment.  Seminar participants are encouraged to bring their cameras as the hands-on seminar will focus on topics that include (but are not limited to) the following: use of a wide variety of lenses, lighting and color balance information, exposure considerations, depth-of-field pointers for maximum sharpness, composition tips for maximum impact and instruction for shooting HDR and using tilt-shift lenses for maximum depth-of-field.

Friday night's seminar includes:

  • Shooting with a plan to maximize your museum visit.
  • Shooting for sharpness instead of diffraction
  • HDR to manage contrast and shoot for impact.
  • Accessories to make your shooting a real pleasure.
  • Managing perspective in a controlled environment.
  • Which lenses help you frame the best compositions.
  • How to expose for contrasty light and minimize flare.
  • Tilt/shift lenses for panoramas and to minimize distortion.
  • Controlling selective focus and depth-of-field for added emphasis.

Space is limited to 50 participants and advance registration for "Trains & Tripods" is required. The cost is $35 per day ($30 for members) or $60 ($50 for members) for those interested in both activities. All photographers are required to sign a release of liability and a "not for commercial use" clause. If you have questions please call 916-323-9280.