Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot

The original wood frame Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot was constructed along the Sacramento River, fronting on Front Street between J and K Streets, in the mid-1860s. Located just south of the Central Pacific Railroad Passenger Station, it continued as the principal railroad freight depot for the city until 1880.

In 1876 the Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot was a major freight station on the transcontinental railroad. It was the focal point for the interchange of all freight arriving or departing Sacramento daily by railroad, riverboat, and wagon.

Interpretation at the reconstructed Depot focuses on the story of freight transportation and its impact on Sacramento and the West during America's centennial year. The Depot platform contains displays of all types of perishables, manufactured goods, agricultural implements, hardware and dry goods in crates, barrels and sacks.

Text panels detail the history of the Depot structure, its importance to Sacramento and the story of railroad freight in the Sacramento Valley during the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Just to the south of the Depot, at the approximate point where the railroad tracks cross the Delta King Hotel landing, groundbreaking for the Central Pacific Railroad took place in early 1863.

The Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot was reconstructed in 1986, and is presently used as the passenger station for the California State Railroad Museum's excursion
Train Rides, operated by the Sacramento Southern Railroad. In 1996-1997, the Freight Depot was modified by the addition of the Old Sacramento Public Market.