Community Speakers
The California State Railroad Museum receives many requests each year for community speakers to address groups at luncheons, service club meetings, and the like. While we cannot always meet these requests, we do our best to find a suitable, knowledgeable Docent who will provide what your community organization is looking for.

Typically, speakers are asked to talk about railroad history and the California State Railroad Museum. In other cases, however, there may be a particular railroad history topic that would be of greater interest to the group. Again, while we may not be able to meet all such requests, we do our very best.

Our Docents have received numerous compliments over the past few years for their lively talks and detailed historical presentations. To request a community speaker from the California State Railroad Museum, please call our All Aboard Volunteer Scheduling Desk at (916) 445-0269 during business hours.

Please be prepared to furnish the following information:
Date of luncheon or event
Location, including directions
Timing of event (gather at 11, lunch at 12, speaking at 1, etc.)
Name/type of group (seniors, Kiwanis, etc.)
Amount of time for speaker
Desired topic for speaker (if specific topic is desired)
Is a complimentary meal provided?
In lieu of a speaker's fee, donations to the California State Railroad Museum Foundation are appreciated. Please visit our Support the Museum page on this Web site for additional information regarding donations. If you would like to learn more about joining the California State Railroad Museum's volunteer ranks, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page on this Web site.