Planning Ahead

Donating Your Collection

The Museum Foundation

When a proposed gift contains considerable duplicate or out-of-field materials, Museum Staff may suggest that the item(s) be donated to the California State Railroad Museum Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization charted to assist the Museum as a California State Parks Cooperating Association. The Foundation exists to support the exhibits and programs of the Museum.

The Mission of the CSRM Foundation "…is to raise and manage funds to support the California State Railroad Museum and to assist California State Parks in carrying out the mission of the Museum." Contributions to the Museum Foundation are also deductible for federal and state income tax purposes. The Foundation has its own Deed of Gift form. The Foundation Deed of Gift specifically advises donors that they are making "…an unrestricted, unconditional gift to the California State Railroad Museum Foundation, Inc., to be retained, used, or disposed of in any manner and for any purpose deemed appropriate, including, but not limited to, being traded or sold."

The Museum Foundation does not independently collect. Donated surplus and out-of-field materials are discretely placed or exchanged with recognized dealers to the benefit of the Museum's permanent collections.

Future Giving

Donors contemplating future gifts of collections, estate planning and/or naming the Museum in their will as the ultimate beneficiary of their living legacy are encouraged to contact an appropriate member of the Staff to determine the Museum's extent of interest in the items which they have.

A list of key Staff Members, along with contact numbers and e-mail addresses, is found under the heading "Summary and Contact Information" in this section of our Website. The Development Coordinator should be contacted regarding cash gifts and financial estate planning issues.