Corporate Collections

The library's corporate collections relate to over 1,500 railroads. In some files, there may be only a single clipping, in others there are multiple references covering all aspects of railroad management, operation, finance, and public relations. Typical sources in these files include rule books, equipment operation and maintenance manuals, promotional brochures, union agreements, employee instructions and job descriptions, historical summaries, and rosters.

Certain types of documents relating to corporate entities are maintained in separate files. These include menus, tickets, passenger and freight tariffs, stocks and bonds, travel passes, stationery, forms and signs, and business and membership cards.

Materials in corporate collections have not been individually catalogued. Library staff can identify the railroads for which we have information.

Between 1911 and 1963 the Interstate Commerce Commission issued accident investigation reports as required by the Accident Reports Act of May 6, 1910. These cover accidents which involved injury to persons, equipment or roadbed, but do not cover every railroad-related accident or fatality. The Library has an incomplete but extensive set of these reports for the years circa 1927 to 1963. Photocopies of accident reports can be ordered.

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