Lima Locomotive Works Collection

The Lima Locomotive Works Collection contains over 60,000 ink-on-linen drawings as well as drawing indexes for specific locomotives. Although the original drawings may be examined (on a delayed basis), in most cases patrons order reproductions of the drawings without prior review.

Library staff will assist patrons who search the online Lima drawing catalog in the Reading room.

To learn what drawings Lima used to build a specific locomotive, you must first consult the drawing index for that locomotive. These oversize booklets range in length from a single sheet to over 100 pages. The contents of these pre-printed indexes are arranged by component with the drawing number (also known as card number) noted alongside.

The Library has two lists of the drawing indexes in its collection: one for Shay locomotives, and one for rod locomotives. The lists are arranged in construction (or shop) number order. Under each construction number is noted which drawing index the Library owns.

The California State Railroad Museum collection of Lima Locomotive Works drawings and drawing indexes, although extensive, is not complete. The Allen County Museum has Lima Locomotive Works documents.

How to place an order for Lima Locomotive Works drawing indexes and drawings.

If you do NOT know specific Lima drawing numbers:

Determine the construction number for the engine you are researching. Sources such as Eric Hirsimaki, Lima: The History (Edmonds, Washington: Hundman Publishing, 1986) or Michael Koch, The Shay Locomotive: Titan of the Timber (Denver: World Press, 1971) contain rosters. Library staff members can offer limited assistance in determining construction numbers.

Prepare a separate Lima Index Reproduction Request form for each construction number. Library staff will return this form to you with our holdings marked.

If you then wish to place an order for a photocopy of a drawing index, mark an X in the "Place Order" column, sign and date the form, and mail it to the Library together with the appropriate fees.

Please allow several weeks for the completion of your Lima drawing index reproduction request. 

Once you know specific Lima drawing numbers:

Complete the Drawing Reproduction Request form. Staff will advise you of CSRM Library holdings.

If you want to place an order for reference copies of an original drawing:

Mark your selections with an X in the "Place Order" column, sign and date the form.

Enclose $25 processing fee and mail to the Library.

The Library will process orders for 10 drawings at one time.

You will be invoiced for the drawing reproduction fees and the postage and handling fees.

Please allow several weeks for the completion of your Lima drawing reproduction order.

See Reproduction Orders and Permissions for more information on the Library's reproduction services.

Fees for Lima Drawing Index and Drawing Reproduction Requests

Lima Drawings

$25.00 processing fee* (limited to 10 drawings per request)

$5.00 per sheet (up to 36" wide)

$10.00 per sheet (37" to 72" wide)

$15.00 per sheet ( > 72" wide)

$12.50 minimum postage and handling. Paper copies of Lima drawings are shipped rolled in a tube and sent via UPS. As the final shipping fee is based on weight and destination, there may be additional fees.

Digital files to CD* (no paper copies)

$5.00 per drawing + $12.50 to burn a CD

Lima Index

Please contact Library staff for a quote.

*These fees are payable in advance. Oversize drawing reproduction fees are determined from the vendor's invoice and cannot be precisely determined in advance. All fees are payable in U.S. funds. Please make check payable to "CSRM Foundation." All Lima orders to addresses outside of the United States will be processed as digital files.