B.F. Hastings Building: Second Floor
The Supreme Court Chambers, the Gallery, and three offices occupy the second floor of the B. F. Hastings Building. Each room has been refurbished to appear as it did from 1855 to 1869, when the State Supreme Court used the facilities. The Court Chamber is the largest room on the second floor.

The chamber has been reconstructed to appear as it did between 1855 and 1864 before the court expanded from three to five justices. Furnishings include benches for the justices, court recorder, and clerks, plus seating for the general public.

The Gallery is the second largest room. Large interpretive panels introduce the Supreme Court process, discuss the kinds of cases that were heard, and identify the building's major occupants. The benches provide seating for visitors on conducted tours.

Office spaces were occupied by the court justices, lawyers, court recorders, and court clerk. Each office contains furniture and artifacts of the period. The more elegant furnishings and appropriate artifacts identify the chief justices office at the end of the hallway on the left.

The courtroom appears to be in use by members of the Court: quill pens and ink bottles, desks and chairs, and books containing Supreme Court records identify the court clerk and recorders office and adjoining lawyers office.

In March 2000, a special session of the California Supreme Court convened in the B.F. Hastings' second floor Court Chambers. The gathering commemorated the Court's 150th birthday in the state's oldest existing Supreme Court chambers.