Connecticut Mining and Trading Company Building

Located just to the north of the Eagle Theatre in Old Sacramento is a small reconstructed building with "C.M.&T. Co." in bold letters on the front. This structure was originally occupied by several different general merchandise firms all associated with Thomas McDowell. 

At various times, these firms leased the space from McDowell and operated under an assortment of names, including the Connecticut Mining and Trading Company (C. M. & T. Company); Crowell, McDowell and Company; McDowell and Company; and Crowell, Dudley and McDowell.

The structure, composed of a wood frame and canvas, was designed to be built quickly and of immediately available materials. Research indicates that the structure was built for temporary use during the summer of 1849, and then was added onto and made more stable and substantial as winter approached. The Connecticut Mining and Trading Company, an auction and commission business, was its first occupant. Despite its temporary intent, the building stood until 1852.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the reconstruction of the CM&T/McDowell Building were held September 10, 1982. The completed structure was dedicated June 16, 1983. Today, the building houses the California State Parks Capital District Public Safety Office. For more information about the Capital district Public Safety Program please see the 
Visitor Safety page.

The reconstruction of the historic Connecticut Mining and Trading Company building represents one phase of the planned development of Old Sacramento State Historic Park's "1849 Scene," the area bounded by I and J Streets on the north and south, and by Front Street and an alley on the west and east.