Rapid Ray: The Story Of Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis was one of the fastest runners of his era. Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario was tough, but he never backed down from a challenge. And there were challenges, especially because Ray was black in a world where African-Canadians were relegated to second-class status. But strength of character, perseverance, athletic talent, and hard work drove him to be the best he could be — all the way to the medal podium at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, where he became the first Canadian-born black athlete to receive an Olympic medal.  All the time he was building an athletic career, Ray Lewis was also working as a railway porter on the Canadian Pacific Railway, often running alongside the train tracks when the train was stopped on the prairies — training anywhere he could to keep his dream of athletic excellence alive. Ray’s life was one of striving to be the best and never straying from his goals in the face of adversity.

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