When Molly Was A Harvey Girl

This book offers a vivid portrayal of life as a Harvey Girl in New Mexico in the 1890s. After their father dies, 13-year-old Molly’s older sister Colleen signs the pair of them up to work as Harvey Girls. These young women were hired as waitresses to bring gentility and sophistication to the high-end restaurants entrepreneur Fred Harvey created to serve passengers along the Santa Fe Railroad before the introduction of dining cars. Required to be at least 18, Molly reluctantly lies about her age and takes on the role of an adult, then struggles to cope with the angst-ridden life of the girls in the dormitory. She befriends the cranky chef and his two Mexican-American helpers, offending many who think she should not interact with those beneath her.

Author Frances M. Wood for ages 9 and up hardback  226 pages.

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