"Southern Pacific Passenger Cars: Lounge, Dome & Parlor vol 5"


The fifth and final volume of the Southern Pacific heavyweight and lightweight passenger Car fleet. Volume 5 will cover all the Lounge cars, Dome Cars and Parlor cars owned by the SP and Affiliates from 1890-1971. Including wood observation smoking and buffet-baggage cars purchased by the SP, UP and affiliated lines. Full coverage of SP's streamlined lounge and ovservation-lounge cars on the 'City of San Francisco' and the lightweight tavern and parlor cars in 1937 for the 'Daylight'. The magnificent 3-unit articulated kitchen-dining-lounge cars received in 1941 for the 'Lark' and their 1948 sisters received for the 'Cascade' are covered in detail. Additional coverage is provided on lounge cars operated by the El Paso & Southwestern. 818 photographs, 97 floor and side elevation plans, with bibliography, glossary and index. Hard cover.

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